March 7

April 01, 2019

This is the first blog post of my new blog. When one thinks of beginnings, they think of happiness and optimism — yet I feel neither as I write this.

What’s got me down is the news of Alex Trebek’s cancer diagnosis. Ever since moving back to California, Jeopardy has been one of the few constants in an otherwise tumultuous homecoming. Trebek’s been there to quiz me on the obscure corners of Western civilization through some of the best and worst moments of the last couple years. Thinking of him battling with the same disease that’s now taken two of my closest and dearest relatives feels like an invasion of a sacred place.

To remedy that, I’ve created this blog. I’ve created other blogs in the past, but they’ve always been centered around a topic. Politics, technology, whatever. The only subject I’ve never written about in a blog is myself.

Now, this blog isn’t only going to be about me. In fact, I suspect very little of it will actually pan out to be about my personal life. Instead, I’m creating this space as a mirror to reflect all my interests and hobbies in one place. I may write about software development one day, politics another day, and a movie review on the next. As the blog progresses, I’ll eventually add a search function so that readers interested in one topic alone can find that topic in one place. Until then, let the reader beware: her eb

The point I’m trying to make is that this blog will intentionally have no unifying themes whatsoever, save those that arise naturally (subconsciously?) out of the maelstrom of my daily thoughts.

Incidentally, this has been one of the easiest introductory posts for me to write. Typically I’m a paroxysm of worry and stress when writing the opening column for a new website. By this point I’m obsessing over every word, wondering whether my craft is developed enough and my thoughts refined enough to leave an impact on whomever might find my corner of the Internet.

Not once has that pattern occurred as I write this article. I think that’s because my target audience in this case is, for the first time, myself and myself alone. I’m working from the following premise:

  1. I have interests.
  2. I discovered my interests via other people who share those interests.
  3. Therefore, what interests me could potentially be of interest to others.